PORTUGAL FIT – MEO Arena – O Maior Evento de Bodybuilding & Fitness!
PORTUGAL FIT - MEO Arena, o maior evento de Bodybuilding & Fitness em Portugal está a chegar e conta com mais de 50 atividades diferentes num único espaço!
Be a Man with a Purpose
Be a Man with a Purpose! Exterioriza os teus sonhos, a tua missão no Mundo. Isso fará com que aqueles que te rodeiam sintam-se envolvidos no teu propósito.
Welcome to PumpAddicted Gym – Old School is Back!
"Welcome to PumpAddicted Gym - Old School is Back!", retrata parte da minha paixão e do meu sonho, assim como momentos de diversão com grandes guerreiros.
Tipos de Fibras Musculares e o Biotipo Corporal
"Tipos de Fibras Musculares e o Biotipo Corporal" pretende transmitir a importância da genética para qualquer modalidade desportiva. Conhecer é progredir!
Hard Work Beats Talent – Born to be a Bodybuilder
Hard Work Beats Talent, qualquer culturista profissional tem em mente, desde o primeiro dia, o que precisa de fazer para alcançar o seu sonho..
Tips to Get Defined Abs
To make your abs start showing, it is not enough to just put your heart and soul into your workouts at the gym. The moment that requires more discipline is the meal time.
David Araújo – Nutrition Tips & Healthy Meals
Nutrition Tips & Healthy Meals, this article has the purpose to show you how easy it's to eat healthy and nutritious foods year round to maintain the shape.
2013 Southern Regional Junior Championship – The Battle
National Junior Championship, before and after the big battle... Vice-champion Regional South and Central for two years in a row. Thank you for believing.
David Araújo on BodybuildingCom – Journey
David Araújo on BodybuildingCom - Journey, é um artigo que relata a minha presença nos melhores sites de Bodybuilding e Fitness do Mundo, até ao momento.
Road to 2013 Portuguese Junior Championship – Diet Report
2013 Portuguese Junior Championship - Diet Report, retrata o meu percurso rumo há minha terceira batalha, condição alcançada com 20 anos. Orgulho!



My name is David Araújo and I was born on January 19th, 1993. My goal is to inspire millions of people to achieve the physique always dreamed through a healthy lifestyle.
I will show you how you can get into and maintain the best shape of your life. Here you can learn how I utilize lifting weights in order to build muscle and an aesthetic physique, utilize proper nutritiont to either lose fat or focus on building muscle, and still enjoy life without overly restricting yourself.

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