Bodybuilding – Sport of Gods
Itching for a fight? Just start the ''greatest physique of all time'' discussion. Here's one athlete's take. What's yours? This is the sport of Gods!
João Campos Interview
João Campos, culturista que alcançou o 2º lugar no Campeonato Nacional 2010 com uma condição que merece ser evidenciada. Vejamos o que tem para nos dizer...
Genetics – The scapegoat?!
Estudei muito, treinei, comi e dei um pequeno salto dos 60 para os 110Kg. Quando me perguntaram: "Como?" Respondi: "Faz a tua genética que eu faço a minha!"
Portuguese Bodybuilders
Destaque para alguns dos Bodybuilders mais mediáticos em Portugal, os quais merecem todo o reconhecimento pelo seu trabalho. Pedro Andrade, Carlos Rebolo...



My name is David Araújo and I was born on January 19th, 1993. My goal is to inspire millions of people to achieve the physique always dreamed through a healthy lifestyle.
I will show you how you can get into and maintain the best shape of your life. Here you can learn how I utilize lifting weights in order to build muscle and an aesthetic physique, utilize proper nutritiont to either lose fat or focus on building muscle, and still enjoy life without overly restricting yourself.

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Feel free to contact me if you have any question or even if you want just to say your opinion about my work.

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If I have helped you out, motivated you, or if you've become a fan of me through my videos and pictures, please feel free to support me by donating a small amount of money to help me pay competitions costs. Any amount is appreciated.

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