Inspire an Audience – Motivational Speech by David Araújo
I'm truly happy to win Competent Communicator Award by this Inspirational Speech. You have the ability to inspire and persuade world for noble principles.
BSN Army – Portuguese Ambassador
BSN Army - Portuguese Ambassador, um sonho tornado realidade. Muitas coisas boas têm acontecido na minha vida fruto de todo o meu trabalho e dedicação!
Arnold Classic Europe 2014
Arnold Classic Europe 2014, this is all about passion. Always be prepared to work hard for your dreams, when you achieve it will understand how I live.
Lift together, stay together!
Energia masculina (anima) e feminina (animus) embora diferentes, atraem-se e complementam-se. Foca-te no teu propósito e tudo vai acontecer a seu tempo.
Jeffry Life – Secrets to Staying Young Forever
Secrets to Staying Young Forever: Como pretendes chegar à velhice? Com vigor físico, sexual, forte e saudável? Ou com umas poupanças para cuidares da saúde?
The Fitness Industry & Bodybuilding World
Jeff Seid não é um Bodybuilder. Ainda assim, considero importante explicar aquilo que ele faz. É modelo fitness, vive da imagem, da beleza e da estética!
David Araújo on BodybuildingCom – Journey
David Araújo on BodybuildingCom - Journey, é um artigo que relata a minha presença nos melhores sites de Bodybuilding e Fitness do Mundo, até ao momento.
Road to 2013 Portuguese Junior Championship – Diet Report
2013 Portuguese Junior Championship - Diet Report, retrata o meu percurso rumo há minha terceira batalha, condição alcançada com 20 anos. Orgulho!
Bodybuilding Motivational Quotes
Here are some Bodybuilding Motivational Quotes to inspire you working hard, keep dreaming and above all, believing always in you. Focus, you can do it!



My name is David Araújo and I was born on January 19th, 1993. My goal is to inspire millions of people to achieve the physique always dreamed through a healthy lifestyle.
I will show you how you can get into and maintain the best shape of your life. Here you can learn how I utilize lifting weights in order to build muscle and an aesthetic physique, utilize proper nutritiont to either lose fat or focus on building muscle, and still enjoy life without overly restricting yourself.

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